Saturday, 21 January 2012

Homeward Bound

Adrenelin that seeps in
masking a tiredness behind the eyes
clean air and greenery
quickly dismantle and overturn the rush

Long dark nights of the soul
memories. A camera flash,an exploding mic
exhaust fumes,black fabrics,dirt under nails
confrontation,palpatation.A bank account void of funds
yet I love.Yet I have loved

Now A subconcious coming round in full circle
An end to the insanity that was my addiction
Values once held so dearly,my audacious self belief
that now in the present I fail to recognise

Pedestrian plesentries are plentiful in the
land I once called "surburban tomb"
but I now with affection and acceptence call home
though I dream of the past and yearn to relieve
but I question if I coulc ever really go back?

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