Saturday, 21 January 2012

Curious Georgie

One day Georgie was tripping
tripping out on some green coloured liquor
his thoughts became quicker
and he lost his inhibaitions

his girlfriend cant stop screaming
"three years gone he has killed my feeling
he wasn,t true just playing a role
what was he thinking when I loved him so

how many boys?how many toys?
he gave his love away for free
has he given me an STD?"

One night I saw him there
tight peaked cap and crew cut hair
firm round the back,strong round the upper
that lying heartbreaker he,s a looker
next thing i knew i was in his bed
he,asking me to give him some...
He just wants to have some fun
to take his love on the run

Homeward Bound

Adrenelin that seeps in
masking a tiredness behind the eyes
clean air and greenery
quickly dismantle and overturn the rush

Long dark nights of the soul
memories. A camera flash,an exploding mic
exhaust fumes,black fabrics,dirt under nails
confrontation,palpatation.A bank account void of funds
yet I love.Yet I have loved

Now A subconcious coming round in full circle
An end to the insanity that was my addiction
Values once held so dearly,my audacious self belief
that now in the present I fail to recognise

Pedestrian plesentries are plentiful in the
land I once called "surburban tomb"
but I now with affection and acceptence call home
though I dream of the past and yearn to relieve
but I question if I coulc ever really go back?